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CHI Air Spin N Curl Products - July 2022

CHI Air Spin N Curl Products

This is such an excellent product overall with very few negatives. What used to take me 45-mins using a traditional curling iron, or 1-hour using curlers, I can achieve with this product in 20-mins. Highly recommended. I didn’t rate it 5-star because of the few cons that I found when using it but would recommend, and have recommended, to family and friends.

Hair-type – Thick, layered, curly-wavy
Length – 3-inches below the shoulder

1. Super easy to use (I would watch one of the videos just to be safe, but once you’ve used it, it’s second-nature)
2. Timer setting is amazing for even-looking curls
3. Ability to change curl directions is useful for those of us with hair that flips different ways on different sides of the head
4. The curls stay in (That could be more due to the hair product than the curler; I used the CHI product that came in the package and a separate defrizzer and was able to wear the hair for 2 days)
5. Realistically, you can do small or larger sections of hair (It says to use 1-inch sections, but I’ve been able to put more. Just be careful as too much will jam it)
6. Lightweight, plenty of cord length, and easy to use (no buttons or handles to release, you just literally pull it downward to release your hair)
7. Heats up to 360 degrees in 40 seconds (I timed it)

1. Not great for super short hair, like bangs (Since it’s 1-inch barrel, if you do bangs, I would say use it with a shorter timer and at an angle)
2. Limited to just the 1-inch barrel so one-size curl (But if you want tighter or looser curls, just change the timer settings)
3. It’s round, so there’s no stand to put it on, so you have to just watch that it doesn’t roll off the counter when you put it down on a flat surface

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